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History of Alpha Agri-Products Inc.

Alpha Agri-Products Inc. has supplied the North American agricultural industry with quality products and solutions since March of 2002.

Alpha Agri-Products Inc. had it beginnings as a greenhouse operation, namely Flevo Flora greenhouses. In this operation we grew Asiatic lilies for the wholesale bouquet market. This crop required intensive use of the soil. Maintaining the delicate soil balance which would produce a high quality crop required a product that would keep the soil from becoming excessively sterile or pathogenic.

The question that arose was simple. “Could we increase beneficial microbial activity in the soil?” It was during this time that we had contact with a company in Western Canada that had a solution. We became a dealer for them and became knowledgeable in good soil management practices. In time we learned how to extract beneficial microbes from the soil and created our own product. This product is known as Plant XL™.

Alpha Agri-Products Inc. has intensively researched the use of humic acid (the active carrier in Plant XL ™). Alpha Agri has gathered a large amount of scientific data about all of its products and has been actively compiling its own field trials with third party involvement. Field trials have been conducted with a registered CCA. Alpha Agri maintains a close link with several independent laboratories and researchers.

Alpha Agri-Products Inc. is a leader in the industry. We are one of the largest suppliers of humic products in Canadian greenhouse production and are rapidly expanding in cash crop, field vegetable and fruit operations. Since 2005 we have produced and marketed other natural products that have been well received in the marketing place.

Alpha Agri has a dealer net work that reaches across Canada from coast to coast and penetrates into the U.S and Mexico.

Alpha Agri-Products Inc. Mission Statement

Alpha Agri-Products Inc. believes in sustainable agriculture. Working with nature is the best solution for some of the complex issues and diseases facing our ecosystems today. We believe in leaving a good and viable inheritance to our descendents. Our clients are offered an economical option for improving their productivity and long term viability of their operations. We provide extensive consultation on the use of our products by working closely with our clients. Establishing relationships with customers on a personal level and by connecting clients with contacts in their discipline is an important component of Alpha Agri-Products Inc.


"In everything, do to others what you would have them do to you."

Matthew 7:12


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