Experts in Our Field and Yours
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Experts in Our Field and Yours


Alpha Agri-Products Inc. has supplied the North American agricultural industry with quality products and solutions since 2002. Alpha Agri has intensively researched the use of humic acid which is the active carrier in Plant XL. We have gathered a large amount of scientific data on all our products and have been actively compiling field trials with third party involvement. Field trials have been conducted with a registered CCA. We continue to collaborate with several independent laboratories and researchers. Alpha Agri is a leader in the industry. We are one of the largest suppliers of humic products in Canadian greenhouse production and are rapidly expanding in cash crop, field vegetable and fruit operations. Since 2005 we have produced and marketed other natural products that have been well received in the market place. Alpha Agri has a National dealer network in Canada and also provides product to the United States and Mexico.

Mission Statement

Alpha Agri-Products Inc. believes in sustainable agriculture. Working with nature is the best solution for some of the complex issues and diseases facing our ecosystems today. We believe in leaving a good and viable inheritance to our descendants. Our clients are offered an economical option for improving their productivity and long term viability of their operations. We provide extensive consultation on the use of our products by working closely with our clients. Establishing relationships with customers on a personal level and by connecting clients with contacts in their discipline is an important component of Alpha Agri.

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Founder of Alpha Agri, Arnold Wiegersma has a long and rich history in agriculture. The Wiegersma’s have been involved in agriculture for many generations, and the passion for economic sustainability and profitability runs through every decision.
Arnold is a progressive and out of the box thinker reflecting on nature’s design and working along side it.

Business Development

Dave joined the Alpha Agri team in 2012 and is a great motivator. He keeps the agricultural industry excited and passionate about yield maximization and efficiency.
Growing up on a farm in Niagara, he learned early the joys of farm life. Everyday as the sun rises, there are new opportunities to do the same thing—different and better. Connecting with growers and industry leaders, Dave encourages everyone to create solutions that meet the unique and diverse demands placed on the agricultural industry.

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